Our programme for this age group is designed to help the children achieve the skills that they will need when they start school. The Early Years Foundation Stage 2012 ensures the children are ready for this.

We encourage interactive group play, activities, and ‘home corner’ time, which can be linked to the week’s special theme or topic. The required ratio is one staff member to every eight children.

We use the ‘time out’ method of discipline, which is effective in a large group of children, and gives the children an opportunity to think for themselves.

The daily routine of this room offers indoor and outdoor play, group time, messy play, sand, water, art, and music and learning activities.

The reading corner will be used as a place where a child can go when they need to calm down. Pre-school children also help to grow vegetables in the nursery garden.

In this room, the children learn the importance of respect for other children, adults and their surroundings. We feel that this helps them to become more open to accept a wide diversity of people in the world.

3-5 Year Olds