We feel that children of this age need more room to roam, toddle and crawl about to explore their surroundings, but at the same time they are not quite ready for the more energetic older children.

With a ratio of one staff member to every three children, this is a large playroom where play is a little more structured than the baby room.

There is a messy room in which the children will be able to play with sand, water, play-doh, paint and even spaghetti!!

The children have access to soft play equipment where the children are able to climb, and play in the ball pit and with the sensory equipment.

The garden has a play area, which is covered by a UV tinted glass roof and is equipped with a climbing frame on a child friendly surface. Here the children are encouraged to develop their social skills and their motor skills and muscles on the bikes and trikes, large outdoor games, balls and lots of other fun equipment.

The staff we choose to work with this very exciting age range are fun, lively and enthusiastic.

Outdoors Jungle