At Heirs and Graces, we offer a baby room that caters for up to six babies at one time.

We provide one staff member to every three babies.

In this room, the staff create a loving, safe and secure atmosphere in which the babies are encouraged to achieve their own potential. We take great effort to hire staff who are soft, gentle and calm with the babies.

Working closely with parents, the babies are helped to settle into a familiar home routine, adapted to suit the nursery environment.

Leaving your baby in childcare can be a difficult time for both you and your baby and it is important that you let us know if there is any way we can help you both feel settled and calm. We have a relaxed induction procedure, that is set around how each individual child is settling in, we take it slowly and at a comfortable pace for the child and parent.

We are happy for you to bring any bedtime toys or special blankets that you feel will help settle your baby. We do ask that you label them and that they are not precious to you, as from time to time things may get lost.

When settling into the Nursery we advise that the baby’s usual carer spends time with them in the room each day, gradually increasing the time that they are left.

We have a separate sleep area for the babies. Monitored at all times through a glass panel and sound monitor the babies are able to sleep peacefully and safely in a darkened room.

0-1 Year Olds