It is so much fun to be a carefree toddler and we enjoy encouraging our young ones to explore their world.

We have a ratio of one staff member to every four children in this room.

At Heirs and Graces there is a daily routine that is adapted to outside influences, such as the weather, special celebrations, cultural activities, the childrens personal likes and dislikes and their own environment.

The children are encouraged to try sensory play, structured play and educational play to help learn about the world around them.

We encourage the children to play outside in the garden where there are toys designed for each age range.

Because we feel activities should be fun as well as educational, we plan topics or themes that can be linked to the seasons, festivals or cultures.

Inside we have a cosy corner filled with books and comfy places to sit, read and relax and discover the joy and excitement books can offer.

2-3 Year Olds