Our Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Equal Opportunities Policy2018-04-17T11:47:59+00:00
  • Every child is unique with individual needs.
  • We value difference and diversity and encourage children to develop their own personalities.
  • Every child is assessed on their individual needs and the help that they may require and we work with parents to achieve the best possible care.
  • Every child is allocated to a staff member in their room; we call this ‘keyworking’.  The staff member has the responsibility for making sure that the child’s emotional, physical, intellectual, social and individual goals are met.  This is overseen by the manager of the nursery at all times.
  • If at any time you wish to discuss your child’s progress, we will schedule a time when you can chat with their ‘keyworker’ without feeling rushed.
  • Each staff member has the opportunity to meet with the Manager to discuss each child’s progress, concerns or thoughts of how to improve care when necessary.
  • We have disabled access to our nursery.
  • We will accept any child to our nursery as long as we are able to cater for their individual needs and that our terms and conditions are adhered to.  If we feel we cannot offer the best care available, we will not offer a place.
  • No child will ever be treated differently due its race, colour, culture, ability or creed.