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15 Hours

At present, from the term after their 3rd birthday your child is entitled to 15 hours free educational childcare per week, Some parents may also qualify for 2 year old funding if they meet the criteria set out by the Government.

If your child attends more than one pre-school, you can take your entitlement at both settings, provided it does not exceed 15 hours per week, per term. However if your child attends a Nursery run by a School the entitlement is taken by them. The free places are provided on a term time basis (38 weeks per year), although your child would need to attend and pay for 50 weeks. We will need to re-apply for your free places each term (1 Sept-31 Dec, 1 Jan-31 Mar, 1 Apr-31 Aug) and will ask you to re-sign your form each time.

You do not have to enrol for additional hours to be able to claim your free funded hours, but we will charge you for any additional hours beyond your child’s free entitlement that you wish to continue with at Heirs & Graces.

30 Hours

To claim the 30 hours funding your child needs to attend Heirs and Graces for 3 full days or more and claim the full 30 hours through us. If your child attends a Nursery run by a school the entitlement is taken by them. There are also some restrictions set by the government for the extra hours which you can view of their website…

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The entitlement is as follows:

  • 1 half day you are entitled to 5 hours
  • 2 half days you are entitled to 10 hours
  • 3 half days you are entitled to 15 hours
  • 4-5 half days you are entitled to 15 hours
  • 1 full day you are entitled to 10 hours
  • 2-5 full days you are entitled to 15 hours
  • 3 full days you are entitled to 30 hours

We will be invoicing you on a calendar month basis. A calendar will be provided showing which weeks are funded each term. Your Invoice will show the days your child attends which are funded and then the funded amount will then be deducted. We will then add on your meals for the funded days only (for 30 hours per week that will equate to 3 days @ £10.30 per week). When your child attends the Nursery on days during the non-funded weeks they will be charged on a separate line. Any extra sessions will also be added.

To be able to respond flexibly to our parents’ childcare needs we have broken down our daily charge to give an hourly rate exclusive of separate charges for the cost of food (which the funding does not cover); this does not represent an increase over our fee per day.

Cost per hour (excluding food) 2 Years£5.37
Cost per hour (excluding food) 3 Years£5.17
All Day Meal Cost£10.30
AM Cost (Breakfast/Snack/Lunch)£7.10
PM Cost (Snack/Tea)£3.20

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