Fees from 1 September 2020

The Nursery is open from 7.30am to 6pm. Please inform the office if you would like to drop off your child before 8am as this incurs as extra charge, please see below.

Registration Fee£100 per child (non-refundable)**
Deposit£200 per child (Refunded from the final account)

** not charged if your initial application is only for the Government free funded hours **

3 months – 3 years:

1 day8am-6pm (includes breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks)£67
Morning session8am-1pm (includes breakfast, snack & lunch)£37.80
Afternoon session1pm-6pm (includes snack and tea)£35.65

3 years before free hours funding:

1 day8am-6pm (includes breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks)£65
Morning session8am-1pm (includes breakfast, snacks and lunch)£36.75
Afternoon session1pm-6pm (includes snacks and tea)£34.50

7.30 – 8.00 am Early Start Session (for all ages): £4.00 per day
This service must be pre-booked if you do not require this session please arrive after 8am

If your child attends Goldfield Nursery School morning session we can pick your child up at 11.45, provide lunch and keep them for the afternoon session. Please see the pick up charge below. There will also be an extra charge of £10 per day for the extra hour plus lunch.

If your child attends Goldfield Nursery School afternoon session we can drop off your child at 12.15. Please see the drop off charge below.

Goldfield School Nursery – Morning session pick-up charge at 11.45 and Afternoon session drop-off at 12.15 (Note we do not provide a pick-up service at 3.15) £3.50 per day

Meal Charges for Pre-School Children on Free Hours – a voluntary charge will be made of £10.30 for all day sessions, £7.10 for the morning session (including breakfast, snack and lunch) and £3.20 for the afternoon session (including snack and Tea).


What your fees include:

  • Your fee covers the cost of care, meals, trips, and Calpol/Piriton if needed.

How we invoice:

  • Fees are billed at the beginning of each month on a daily/am/pm rate for the calendar month. This will include all sessions including any holiday you choose to take and days taken off for sickness. Any extra sessions and early sessions will be billed on the following month’s invoice.
  • Nursery fees are payable in full before the end of each month.
  • You are charged for 50 weeks a year. The Nursery is closed between Christmas and New Year, and for the last complete week in July (for larger maintenance and redecoration work). You are not charged for the two weeks we are closed.
  • One full month’s notice or payment of a full month’s fees is required when withdrawing a child from the nursery.
  • Late Fees – At our discretion there is a charge of £10 for every 15 minutes you are late to pick up your child. If you are late more than once in a calendar month the charge will increase to £20 for every 15 minutes.

Discounts and Concessions:

  • A child with a full time place qualifies for a 5% discount on the daily rates quoted above. For full-time funded children, the 5% discount will apply to non-funded days.
  • For a full-time child 0-3 years old, we will refund the fee for bank holidays as we are unable to offer a swap For a full time funded child we will refund the meal cost. For all other children if they were due in on the bank holiday, we will offer a swap where we have availability.

The Free Hours Schemes

  • For full details of how we offer these schemes, please speak to the office.

This fee schedule is effective from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 and will be reviewed in June 2020.